Custom Web Applications

Featured Client - Bayer, Wishman & Leotta

When Bayer, Wishman & Leotta needed a website that could handle complex transactions and dynamic forms, they came to Seagri-Galt. We were able to build a custom application that was able to help them increase their customer outreach efforts exponentially, while seamlessly qualifying and quantifying the leads generated by their website traffic.

We stand out from our competition by working with you to create exactly the kind of web applications and software that your business needs. Our highly skilled development team creates custom state-of-the-art solutions for just about any need.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter service and we don’t think our clients should have to compromise or settle. Your business is too important to not run perfectly.

Some examples of our custom applications include:

Transaction Engines

Thousands of small transactions, or a handful of very complex ones, we can build an application infrastructure that will exceed your most demanding workload. Perform analysis, dissect transaction statistical models, and generate the intelligence to move your business forward.

Communication Applications

Whether communicating internally or with your customers, we can provide an application that helps you stay connected.

Community Applications

Building a community is one of the most effective customer loyalty tools on the web. Our team can help you create an array of resources that will keep your customers coming back. From online forums to hosted chat applications, we have the expertise to create the framework for your online community.

Email Applications

Provide an email service for your employees, your customers, or both. We can build POP mail and WebMail services that are intuitive to use and easy to maintain.