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Featured Testimonial - Bad Kitty Clothing

"Seagri-Galt has been an invaluable resource for us. The Admin Palette gives us unbelievable flexibility in managing our site. Plus, our search engine ranking has never been higher."

Victoria - Owner - Bad Kitty Clothing

We specialize in bringing your business from your head to the web. Whether your business is small or large, new or already successful, we offer an affordable all-inclusive e-commerce package to fit your needs. We combine state-of-the-art technology with a straightforward approach to your business to provide the most comprehensive, flexible and easily managed e-commerce solution on the market.

Our e-commerce features include:

Shopping Cart

Our sophisticated shopping cart was designed for maximum stability, speed and flexibility. It was specifically designed and configured so that you have one less thing to think about. more

Admin Palette

Our exclusive Admin Palette integrates seamlessly with your e-commerce site and allows you to completely control everything about your site. The user-friendly, highly intuitive interface gives you the power to quickly and easily add or delete products, change text, have sales, create coupons and much more.

Dynamic Product Catalogue

The Dynamic Product Catalogue created provides not only a highly efficient means for displaying your products in a categorized and organized fashion, but can greatly increase your search engine ranking. Each product is it’s own virtual page that is scanned by the search engine, yet does not slow your site down. more

Premium Search Engine Optimization

Nothing is more important to the success of your online business than driving qualified traffic to it. We provide state-of-the-art search engine optimization based on highly relevant key words to ensure the most qualified people visit your site. We are constantly studying best practices and changes in ranking algorithms to make sure that each client’s site is properly optimized. more

Site Search

Our sophisticated Site Search allows your customers to search for products using unlimited criteria. This advanced search system links directly to the relevant products on your site. This custom configurable feature allows you to decide what and how your customers can search for your products.


Create up to 8 different types of coupons. Using our exclusives coupon creation tool, you can create just the right incentive to turn potential customers into actual customers.

Shipping Options

Shipping can play a huge role in customer’s decision to buy online. Our Admin Palette gives you the control you need to provide shipping solutions your customers want.

Tell a Friend

The Tell a Friend link is an ideal way to have your customers market your site for you. The customer fills in their email address and that of their friend and an email is automatically generated. The email contains customizable text, an image and a link to your site.


Find out how many visitor are coming to your site, what products they look at, and how long they stay. Also, with the Seagri-Galt's Traffic Tracking Module, you can set up tracers to help you see which marketing efforts are resulting in visitor to your site, and which are not.


Every successful businessperson knows that they key to existence is profitability. Seagri-Galt provides a wealth of real-time reports showing you where your business stands. With the profit report, you can view the profitability of your online channel down to the individual product level. For this information to be accurate, you must enter the cost of goods sold (COGS) in the Admin Palette.

Mailing Lists

As part of your marketing efforts, the ability to send promotions or newsletters to your customers is key. Our mailing list feature allows you to send your notice to a large number of contacts in a quick and efficient manner.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

If your e-commerce site isn't online, you are losing money. Most companies offer an uptime guarantee, but at Seagri-Galt, we back ours up with a Service Level Agreement. Your site will be available at least 99.9% of the time.